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Since its inception in 1980, Landmark Entertainment Group's mission has been to create new forms of entertainment for the expanding global audience.

This mission has led us into a world of exciting challenges and triumphs. From conceiving and producing exciting new attractions for the theme park and leisure industry, to developing and producing a wide variety of live entertainment productions; from the creation of highly unique television productions and motion pictures, to creating original properties for animation and the internet including virtual reality. Landmark's innovations and our special brand of "total entertainment" have found their way into many of the world's most popular shows, attractions and destination sites.

In the world of Theme Parks and Attractions, Landmark Entertainment Group stands at the cutting edge of "experiential design" having created the most innovative and successful themed attractions of the last ten years. Landmark is responsible for creating such recent hit attractions as TERMINATOR 2   3D for Universal Studios Florida, JURASSIC PARK: THE RIDE for Universal Studios Hollywood, The M&Ms ACADEMY for the Mars Corporation, STAR TREK:THE EXPERIENCE for Paramount Parks and The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, ALIENS 3-D for Everland, and JAMES BOND 007: LICENSE TO THRILL for all five of the Paramount Parks.

Landmark Entertainment Group also created the concepts that served as the foundation for both SUPERHERO ISLAND and TOON LAGOON at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS exciting new theme park, ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE. Foremost among Landmark's contributions to the park is the creation of SPIDERMAN 3-D, perhaps the most exciting new immersive dark ride ever conceived. In late 1998, Landmark began schematic design for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF OZ, a large scale theme park and world-class destination resort based upon the classic motion picture and related stories by L. Frank Baum. Landmark created the concept for the theme park and for all of the attractions, restaurants and shops that are at it's core.

In addition to these exciting projects, Landmark has created or co-created many of the world's greatest attractions. A partial listing includes THE GREAT TEXAS LONGHORN REVUE for Six Flags Houston, THE ENCHANTED LABORATORY for Busch Gardens Williamsburg, THE MONSTER PLANTATION for Six Flags Atlanta, SANRIO PUROLAND for Sanrio Company in Tokyo, Japan, HARMONYLAND in Kyushu, Japan, THE ENCHANTED KINGDOM in Manila, the Philippines, FANTASIA LAGOON in Bangkok, Thailand, ASTEROID ADVENTURE for Phantasialand, Germany, ISLA MAGICA in Seville, Spain, and for Universal Studios, THE CONAN SWORD & SORCERY SPECTACULAR, KONGFRONTATION, E.T.'s ADVENTURE, THE FUNTASTIC WORLD OF HANNA-BARBERA, THE A-TEAM LIVE ACTION STUNT SHOW, THE 2001 SPECIAL EFFECTS STAGE, and THE GHOSTBUSTERS SPOOKTACULAR.

In fact, many of the greatest attractions in the theme park industry today originated at Landmark.

Landmark Entertainment's award-winning design work is not limited to theme parks or attractions. Recent projects encompass a wide variety of themed experiences that extend into hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and casinos. THE FORUM SHOPS AT CAESARS, the most successful retail mall in the world, represents the innovative and immersive experience that is the hallmark of Landmark's design approach. So too, Landmark's design of the FORUM CASINO (adjacent to The Forum Shops) is a standout of themed design, as is the spectacular CAESARS MAGICAL EMPIRE dinner experience, located at the center of the expansive hotel. Landmark's design effort will be felt far into the future as Caesar's Palace moves ahead with our master plan for CAESARS PALACE 2000 A.D., a spectacular vision that takes Caesar's Palace into the next century and beyond. Las Vegas is filled with Landmark designs and creations, from STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE at The Hilton Hotel, to EFX! at the MGM GRAND. In addition, Landmark recently provided the conceptual design for THE VENETIAN HOTEL in Las Vegas, Nevada. Across the ocean, Landmark designed all of the interiors for the $600,000,000 STAR CITY CASINO HOTEL in Sydney, Australia, and designed the five-star TABLE BAY RESORT HOTEL for Sun International in Capetown, South Africa.

In the area of Urban Entertainment Design, Landmark has created the retail and entertainment concepts for the NFL COLISEUM PROJECT, the conceptual design for THE GRAMMY MUSEUM, the concept for THE HOLLYWOOD EXPOSITION, and the concept for THE VIRTUAL ZOO, an innovative software based experience created for the family market. Landmark has created concept and master plans for complete destination resorts, for downtown urban redevelopment areas, and for mixed use retail and entertainment facilities of every possible combination.

Landmark Entertainment's innate understanding of entertainment design is based upon the fact that our core company continues to create exciting entertainment in every medium.

In the world of live entertainment, Landmark has continually pushed the boundaries of conventional staging, essentially inventing the kid's live arena show industry with our smash hit productions of THE HE-MAN/SHE-RA POWER TOUR in 1986, and again with the TEENAGE NINJA MUTANT TURTLES TOUR in 1990. At the other end of the live stage spectrum, Landmark's Broadway ventures include SHERLOCK'S LAST CASE in 1987, the award-winning production of TRU in 1989, THE BIG LOVE in 1991, and the smash hit JEKYLL & HYDE. The Landmark 20th Anniversary production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, toured for four years beginning in 1992 and broke records throughout the country.

For Motion Pictures and Television, Landmark created the world's first interactive television series CAPTAIN POWER & THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE. For CBS, Landmark created and produced SKELETON WARRIORS, an animated action series, and for NBC, Landmark produced the animated holiday special A PRECIOUS MOMENTS CHRISTMAS. Landmark co-produced (with partners SONY and LION'S GATE) the exciting MEGA BABIES for Fox Family Channel. This project, originally created by Christian and Stephan Trembley, was optioned by Landmark and developed through Landmark's Licensing division. In addition, Landmark has produced a wide variety of film and video productions for its many themed attractions including JOURNEY INTO THE 4th DIMENSION (A 3-D CGI production), STARQUEST (an 870 five-perf domed-screen production), and TERMINATOR 2/3-D PRE-SHOW (a film/video multi-screen production).

In the area of Interactive Media, Landmark is moving in parallel lines, developing new concepts for games and on-line destination venues, while simultaneously creating a new generation of concepts for the future of true interactive entertainment on the Net. For the Sony Playstation platform, Landmark created THE SKELETON WARRIORS Interactive Game. Now in development for future platforms is Landmark's FUTUREZONE, a multi-level game of action, strategy and skill. Moving to the Internet, Landmark's current concepts include The Virtual World's Fair, the V-Park, and a new generation of innovative ideas for immersive on-line experiences.

There is only one Landmark Entertainment Group. Among the independent design and production companies, Landmark is unique in its broad-based approach to creative development. In fact, no other independent design company today can claim a practical experience base in so wide an area of entertainment venues. Landmark has created and produced themed attractions, Broadway shows, motion pictures and television productions. Landmark has innovated in every area of its development, from attractions to television, from film to live stage, from toys to interactive media, inventing new technologies along the way. In all, Landmark has supervised the direct development and production of over 100 major attractions worldwide.

A dedication to quality. Landmark's constant dedication to the highest level of quality in all that it creates has led to the strong, on-going relationships that have been established with a wide spectrum of entertainment corporations. Landmark's association with companies that include Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount Parks, Caesar's Palace, Busch Gardens, ITT Sheraton, and The Really Useful Group, to name but a few, have kept us at the forefront of many of the world's most exciting projects. Landmark continues to be the industry leader in providing new and exciting concepts for the theme park, leisure, and entertainment industries. No other independent design and production company offers the range of services found at Landmark, and no other company provides the level of quality that is synonymous with Landmark-created attractions.

A Worldwide Company. The Landmark brand of entertainment knows no borders. From Hollywood to Hamburg, from Topeka to Tokyo, from Orlando to Osaka, Landmark productions are rousing successes. Audiences around the world are thrilled, excited, entertained and amused by Landmark attractions, by Landmark productions, and by Landmark consumer products. With projects in over 23 countries, on five continents, the Landmark name represents the finest in entertainment to millions of audience members around the world.

The Landmark Brand. Through its many projects, productions, attractions and presentations, Landmark Entertainment Group has developed an international presence. Landmark Entertainment Group has always been an innovator in the world of entertainment, and that heritage continues as we forge ahead, creating tomorrow's entertainment today.

With representative projects encompassing theme parks and attractions, casinos & resorts, themed architecture, world expositions, motion pictures, television, animation, live entertainment and interactive media, Landmark Entertainment Group is changing the way people experience entertainment around the world.

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