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Venture Beat: A ride-making company wants to bring World’s Fairs to virtual reality

Virtual reality won’t just be fun and games. It could become a huge opportunity to teach and learn.

The Landmark Entertainment Group announced today that it’s working on a Virtual World’s Fair. World’s Fairs used to be major events that would bring together cultures and show off new technologies. Bringing that concept to virtual reality could benefit science, art, and more.

Landmark has experience working with theme parks. It has created Universal attractions based on Spider-Man and Jurassic Park.

“Virtual World’s Fair is a concept we’ve been developing for the past 12 months,” Tony Christopher, president and chief executive officer of Landmark Entertainment Group, noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “We used our expertise in the theme park and live entertainment space to create a virtual destination for all ages. This is a place where you’ll spend from moments to hours each time you visit, and return to repeatedly, either solo or with your friends and family in tow, just as you would a real-world theme park. It will be the greatest never-ending show on Earth.”

The Virtual World’s Fair will work with Pavilion of Me (P.O.M.), a media portal coming next year that online activities like shopping and social media into VR experiences. Landmark’s World’s Fair experience will launch in 2017.

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