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USA Today: Talking Tech with Tony Christopher

VENICE BEACH - With reports this week that Apple looks to unveil a second edition of the Apple Watch in March, we got to wondering--how could it be improved?

Our members of the Talking Tech Roundtable podcast weighed in on this week's show, on what it would take to get them to go out and buy the watch, which starts at $350.

"Make it more feminine," said Sue Bryce, the award-winning photographer.

"Have it be less dependent on the iPhone to operate," added David Silverman, the founder of the new audio service Clammr.

The Watch debuted in the spring, and while it hasn't become a mass market hit like other Apple products, it has sold about 7.5 million to date, according to analysts, who expect another 5 million or so to sell in the 4th quarter.

The Talking Tech Roundtable: Eva Ho, Tony Christopher, Sue Bryce, David Silverman, Ren Toner (Photo: Jefferson Graham)


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