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The Hollywood Reporter: Landmark Entertainment Group Staging Virtual Reality “World’s Fair”

Plans are to combine entertainment, social interaction, education and shopping.

Landmark Entertainment Group -- the L.A.-based producer of such attractions as Jurassic Park: The Ride -- intends to launch what it calls a “Virtual World’s Fair,” for use with virtual reality head sets.

The concept is to create a daily virtual reality experience, combining entertainment, social interaction, education and shopping. It will launch the first element, a "Pavillion of Me" concept, in 2016 followed by the full "World's Fair" in 2017, both aimed at the upcoming releases of multiple brands of VR headsets such as Oculus Rift.

Planned segments of the experience include Dataland, targeting children; and Passportal, which will take the viewer to international destinations.

Said Landmark president and CEO Tony Christopher of the vision: "We used our expertise in the theme park and live entertainment space to create a virtual destination for all ages. This is a place where you’ll spend from moments to hours each time you visit, and return to repeatedly, either solo or with your friends and family in tow, just as you would a real-world theme park.”

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